Illustrations by my talented friend,  Ed Syder.

Illustrations by my talented friend, Ed Syder.

I started my career by making multiple cups of tea for clients and superiors, which after plenty of practice I got pretty good at*. Soon enough though I found myself writing, directing and producing short form content for broadcasters. Fast forward a few laps of the sun and I became a producer at CITV. I worked as part of the team responsible for developing and launching the channel.

In the past decade I've been lucky enough to work and collaborate with some very talented humans and even a few puppets. I co-created the Bafta nominated shows OOGLIES (CBBC) and COMPOST CORNER (CITV).

Script wise, I’ve written and co-written on animations including OOGLIES**, BOYSTER, COMPOST CORNER**, FOOTY PUPS and SCHOOL OF ROARS!  And live action comedies including HEDZ, GIGGLEBIZ,*** ALL OVER THE PLACE and BBC’S - FEED MY FUNNY!

I’ve written and produced several short films that have screened at various festivals around the world. The first, DEBBIE was about a chap trying to pluck up the courage to ask out a girl in his office. The second, GOLD TOP – told the story of a young boy hoping to deliver a Christmas card to a special someone on his milk round. And the third, PROMISES TO KEEP – followed a soldier planning to desert the battlefield for the woman he loves.

If you'd like a full CV or to take a look at some writing samples you can find more details on my contact page. If however you just fancy a brew - I’ll stick the kettle on!

 ***BAFTA winning

**BAFTA nominated

* Rubber band colour, no sugar.