I do all sorts of voices; from laid-back youthful reads and bonkers characters to vaguely serious stuff and everything in-between. 

I’ve voiced a garden shed load of weird and wonderful projects for a wide range of brands, channels and productions.  I’ve also played characters in shows like OOGLES, ICONICLES, FOOTY PUPS, HEDZ, COMPOST CORNER and various other animations, commercials and interstitials. Strangely, I've managed to play a banana in two different shows. 

In 2014 I was nominated for Best Voice Performance at the British Animation Awards. 

If you’re after a particular voice or would like to know more, or maybe you’re looking to cast a banana - then please head to my contact page.  You can check out a few voice samples HERE.

Sometimes they even let me do in-vision stuff too. Here's a photo of me standing beneath a flyover sporting a beard. (Versatile, aye!?)